Before you register an account on the site submit the website (the "Site", "website") and become an investor Bitcoin Arbitrage Trading (the "Company"), refer to the following Terms and Conditions Agreement (the "Terms").

The Rules set out the general procedure for interaction between the rights and obligations of the investor (the "Investor") and the Company (hereinafter, if necessary, the content, - "Parties", "Party").

The rules are accepted and respected by the parties a priori.

In case of rejection of any item of the Rules, disagreement with the general doctrine of the Rules or any other differences of opinion, the user is obliged to stop the account registration and leave this section of the site.

Terms are considered accepted by the Investor at the fact of registration of the investor account on the Site.

 1. General Provisions

1. To register account on the Company`s website and get the status of "investor" can only person who has reached the age of  18. In any case, the investor confirms that he is not less than 18 years old.
2. All transactions are made by the Parties in the "private transaction" format. The Parties confirm the complete confidentiality of any transaction and any interaction in the framework of the Regulation. 

2. The rights and obligations of the Company
3. The company is committed to:
        1. Use only the investment funds for the conduct of real activity on the Forex market
        2. Ensure the safety of investors funds
        3. To make payments on time in the framework of partnership and investment proposals
        4. Store the personal information of the Investor and the details of financial transactions in a strictly confidential environment.
4. The Company is not responsible for any technical malfunctions of electronic payment systems.
5. The Company is not responsible for erroneous financial transactions that were a result of investor incorrect billing      
6. The rights and obligations of the Investor
7. The investor is committed to:
       1. Provide only accurate and correct personal data
       2. Use the Site of the Company solely for the purpose of investment
       3. Comply with these rules.
8. The investor has the right to:
9. Make a profit within the framework of the proposal of the Company
10. Obtain advice and assistance in support of the Company
11. Use the promotional materials for the invitation of new partners.
12. Provision of the risks
13. Company guarantees the performance of its obligations under and in accordance with these Rules.
14. Copyright:
       1. All content posted on the company`s website is protected by copyright law.
15. Force majeure:
       1. The Company may suspend performance of its obligations in case of force majeure at any of the Parties for the period necessary to complete stop action and/or the impact of these force majeure.
16. Changes and additions:
       1. These Rules may be amended by the Company, made additions and/or updates at any time, without notice.
       2. The investor undertakes to keep track of all changes to these Rules.
17. Termination, suspension of cooperation:
       1. In case of infringement and/or ignoring these Rules by an investor, the Company may suspend or terminate cooperation with the investor unilaterally, without any prior notice.
18.  Disputes settlement:
       1. Any dispute will be settled by the parties through the negotiation process, without the involvement of third parties, up to the full dispute settlement.