1. How I start earn with the company Bitcoin Arbitrage Trading ?

First you must register an account. Then you can select one or several investment proposals and make a deposit.

2. What is the Bitcoin Arbitrage Trading?

Bitcoin arbitrage are used to profit off of the price difference between many different currencies. They constantly search the market for price changes and buy/sell accordingly to generate you a profit.

3. How to make a deposit?

Cash in to personal account by using any of the available electronic payment systems.

4. What payment systems can I use?

To add credits, you can use the following electronic payment systems:  Bitcoin.

5. What is the minimum deposit allowed?

The minimum deposit is 0.01 B

6. What is the maximum deposit allowed?

The maximum allowable deposit is 500B. But if you ar willing to make a deposit over 500B , Please fell free to contact one of our representatives via e-mail overlimit@bat24x.com

7. How long does it take to process a Cash Out requests ?

All Cash Out requests for funds are processed automatically. When you create a payment query, that amount will sent to your Wallet. However, It may take up to 24 hours.

8. How much is the withdrawal fee?

There is no withdrawal fee !
However, when you release the deposited amount before maturity, it will deduct 15% from the deposit amount.

9. What is the minimum amount I can order for cash-out?

The minimum order for cash-out can be ฿0.01

10. What is the maximum amount I can order for cash out?

The maximum order for cash-out can be ฿500. All cash-outs over ฿500 are processed manually due to financial regulation.

11. How many accounts can a user register?

You can register only one account. Multiple accounts are forbidden. If we identify the fact of multiple accounts by a single user, all accounts of the infringer will be blocked indefinitely.

12. What is the schedule of interest accrual?

Interest is calculated hourly on your balance. You can cash out the profit into your wallet at any time.

13. I want to withdraw the accrued interest on the payment system purse, different from the currency of the payment system, to which I made a deposit. Is it possible?

No. You can withdraw profit only with the same payment system, in which you made the deposit.

14. Does the company offer a partnership?

The company has given investors the opportunity to earn as an affiliate, you can check out our offers in the “Affiliate” section on our site.

15. I want to take part in the partnership program. Do I need to invest to become an Affiliate?

To participate in the affiliate program you do not need to become an investor. Use the promotional materials, your affiliate link and tell us about our investment products for your cooperation with us all who you know. Help friends to find out and understand the nature of our investment proposals, tell them about how to become an investor in the Bitcoin Arbitrage Trading and your additional revenues begin to grow rapidly.

16. What does the company makes to protect personal information?

We use the most advanced encryption protocol. In addition, the site is hosted on a dedicated server and its smooth operation is provided by a powerful defense system against DDoS attacks

17. How to recover my password, which I had forgotten or lost?

Use the automatic password recovery function. A new password will be sent by the system to the e-mail, which you provided when registering your account. Then you can immediately change the password to a new one.

18. Where should I go if I have other questions about the work of your company?

To be able to receive fast and professional assistance, please use our Customer Service – Tickets in your account. Your problem will be solved as quickly as possible.

19. How can I get in contact with you?

Go to the "Contacts" section and write us a message Options.

20. How can I get a Debit Card from BAT24X.COM?

We are offering our Debit Card to the customers who deposited in Platinum Plan.